EXCLUSIVE!! BMF CEO Tammy Cowins Speaks on Movie Deal & 50 Cent Involvement… [INTERVIEW]

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If you ’ re an avid hip-hop head, I ’ m indisputable you ’ ve hear of Demetrius Flenory, well known as boastful Meech .
He ’ south been mentioned in a long ton of rap hits as the godhead & founder of BMF ( Black Mafia Family ), a high-profile drug trafficking organization that reigned from the late 80 ’ mho to early 2000 ’ sulfur.

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Meech ’ s presence in Atlanta was intemperate to miss. ? BMF Billboard StraightFromTheA
There was once a BMF billboard located on the side of one of Atlanta ’ s major highways and he ’ south besides credited with being the creator of ? making it rain, ? the act of throwing money in the breeze, which started with Meech & his cortege who would drop over $ 50,000 a night in the baseball club ( 6 days a week ) !
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last year, I brought you guys some EXCLUSIVE tea about a BMF ( Black Mafia Family ) movie hand that was in the works and the information was validated by Big Meech, himself .
Tammy Cowins, Meech ? s best supporter and CEO of BMF Entertainment Group, has been working unvoiced on his behalf to bring his life floor to the big screen and now, she ’ s last inked a conduct that will make it happen !
I spoke with Cowins at length yesterday ( June 20, 2014 ) about the site and it ’ s decidedly a ‘ GO ’ … she tied confirmed that Curtis ’ 50 Cent ’ Jackson is an integral character of making it all come together !
Details + audio of my chat with Tammy Cowins (BMF CEO) below…
Details + audio of my chat with Tammy Cowins ( BMF CEO ) below… News of a BMF movie has been circulating for a while now but it ’ s ultimately official !
Tammy Cowins confirmed to me last night that Emett Furla Oasis ( EFO ) films secured the life rights to Big Meech ’ s narrative final week ( Thursday June 12, 2014 to be claim ) and will produce & finance a film about the life of Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech .

audio : Phone Interview w/Tammy Cowins ( CEO of BMF Entertainment )
As BMF flourished, Big Meech tried to go legit by forming the hip-hop music occupation BMF Entertainment but the Drug Enforcement Administration finally caught up with them, indicting members of the Black Mafia Family .
The enterprise reportedly earned over $ 270 million during its guide, and Big Meech was ultimately convicted in Federal motor hotel under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute. He was sentenced to serve 30 years to life and is presently appealing his convictions .
demetrius  big meech flenory mugshot All of that makes for good drama and for the record, Tammy is ? ber excited about the plan making it ’ randomness way to the big screen ( and having 50 cent involved can ’ thymine be a badly thing either ) ! I asked Cowins about Jackson ’ s interest and she confirmed :

He ’ mho one of the executive producers, along with myself. We ’ rhenium excited about that angstrom well. ? Barry Brooker, Stan Wertlieb will be administrator producing and Tim Sullivan will co-produce. ? So we ’ re decidedly excited about it .

bigmeech Any idea on who would portray Big Meech in the film ?

I can ’ t comment on that until it ’ s official.

Tammy Cowins on what it’s like to be Big Meech’s best friend & business partner:

It ’ s not difficult, it ’ south actually exciting .
I get it from all ends. You have your haters… and you have your motivators .
Looking at the blogs and everything, you know people are going to make their negative comments and people are going to make their positive comments. ? But I can tell you, this has been one of the best experiences in my life to have him as my best friend .
And there ’ s nothing actually that I would nor do for Meech and I ’ molarity sure the feelings are reciprocal .

tammy on ‘ unauthorized ’ uses of Big Meech ’ s image…

From a business position, I have to tell you that there are so many people out there claiming so much that Meech hasn ’ t signed off on .
You ’ ve got people doing fake documentaries… people doing bogus DVDs, making t-shirts… hold parties .
I can tell you this weekend, they ’ re throwing him a party which is actually legitimate up in Detroit, Michigan. He ’ s actually excited about that .

sidebar : June 21st happens to be big Meech ’ south birthday and Detroit honored him today with ‘ Big Meech Day ’ …
Tammy Cowins on controversy surrounding the new film deal:

Since we ’ ve made this announcement people are calling EFO claiming that they have the liveliness rights… oh they are directing it… that they wrote the script… that they ’ re producing it… that ‘ Tammy and Meech promised ’ them that… but barely for the record Michelle, we haven ’ t promised anyone anything .
We were signed into a previous contract but it expired and the rights were astir for grabs, so it was basically who could come up with the best propose and make the best movie. So we went with Emett Furla Oasis ? and we ’ re very stimulate about it .

sol there you have it ! EFO Film principals Randall Emmett and George Furla will produce the film with Flenory, Tammy Cowins, Curtis ? 50 cent ? Jackson, David Robinson, LT Hutton, and Barry Brooker .
Jackson announced his involvement on-line last week with the following post :
Stan Wertlieb will be exec producer and EFO & Tim Sullivan will be co-producer. Stephen Dasher & Thomas Goodin will serve as music consultants to the film.
Stan Wertlieb will be white house producer and EFO & Tim Sullivan will be co-producer. Stephen Dasher & Thomas Goodin will serve as music consultants to the film. Congratulations again on the film share Tammy ! I sincerely appreciate you speaking to StraightFromTheA about this first base ! Oh… and happy Birthday Meech !

What do you think about news of BMF’s new movie deal & 50 cent’s involvement in the film?

Are you looking forward to seeing Big Meech’s life story on the big screen?

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