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No matter how many possessions a person owns, they always need a place Khủng store or show off their things. One of the best, most practical, wooden sign with sayings
easily accessible methods of doing so sánh is by installing shelving in your home page or office. Shelves can help display everything from keepsakes, books, and knickknacks mập picture frames, movies, awards, and nearly anything else that will fit ! You pick the items you want béo display, keeping them off the floor and tables and in đầy đủ view of friends, family, and guests. All you need bự start is the right shelf for your space .
With that in mind, iirntree proudly offers you this stunning selection of gorgeous shelving products, wood floating shelves, and industrial pipe shelving that will help turn any room into a compelling combination of phong cách and substance. Browse our versatile selection, featuring premium customized shelving for every budget and every taste, béo find the shelves you need for personal or business use. Our thiết kế đội will work directly with you mập create shelves that fit your architectural dimensions, tailoring every piece lớn your metal paint and wood stain requirements as well .

Wooden Floating Shelves

Start with our stunning wooden floating shelves, available in four fabulous depths so sánh your decor ( and your stuff ) has the proper place for storage and coordination. Beautifully custom-made using sturdy, premium chất lượng wood that’s painted and finished in the shades of your choice, these shelves are expertly designed lớn work with your personal decor theme. We offer our deep floating shelves in four sizes, from tám lớn 16 inches in depth, so sánh there are plenty of options phệ fit your space .

You can also request your own custom dimensions of floating wood shelves and create a shelving unit that represents your tastes. Try uniform lengths for a horizontal and vertical partnership. Order floating shelves of varying lengths bự make a step-up storage space or original display wall. However you decide, be assured these rustic floating shelves are easy mập install and built lớn last. Each completely customized shelf comes with mounting brackets, screws, and directions. Once you’re done will look as if they’re resting on air in your kitchen, living room, bedroom closet, or bathroom vanity. One look at your installed wooden floating shelves and you’ll know they’re the perfect addition bự your trang chính !
Iirntree offers more shelving opportunities in this elegant and chất lượng collection, running the gamut from basic and beautiful bự opulent and original. Try our Simple Iron và Wood Shelves, which come just as advertised. Designed as a matching double shelf, this hàng hóa adds stunningly simple elements of wood and metal Khủng your decor. Add your choice of metal paint, wood stain, and finish Khủng create a piece that’s certain béo catch the eye. Great for high shelving placement, especially in bathrooms or “ man rooms ” .
For something completely different, there’s our magnificent Meaux Rope Shelf. In the kitchen, dining room, or patio, the distinctive combination of knotted rope and premium wooden shelving is a stunner on any wall. Use it lớn hold miniature hanging plants and floral cuttings, decorative drinkware, or even smaller kitchen accessories. Select the wood stain that matches your màu sắc scheme and wherever it’s displayed this hanging rope shelf will really tie the room together nicely .

Rustic Industrial Pipe Shelf

Small in stature but big on phong cách, the Rustic Industrial Pipe Shelf makes a strong and lasting impression. Only from, this rustic floating shelves combine sturdy, premium wood in your choice of stain plus a pair of attachments inspired by factory-style piping. Pick up a pair of these classic shelves for the baby nursery or a child’s bedroom Khủng show off pictures and treasured mementos, or even their favorite plush toy or priceless keepsake. Make sure phệ customize the pipe shelves by selecting a metal paint for the pipes and a stain for the wood, and give your space the phong cách it deserves .

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf & Shoe Rack

If you want an altogether different look for your trang chính shelves, then our Industrial Pipe Bookshelf và Shoe Rack will be the perfect fit. Quick and easy bự install, it adds a welcome sense of shabby chic béo any area, whether it’s displayed in your bedroom, living room, or even a closet. The industrial pipe bookshelf consists of a series of threaded pipes that can be readily updated in the shape you desire, mập set up the look of your trang chính library and favorite books. This multi-tasking pipe shelving thành quả doubles as a fantastic shoe rack for anyone looking lớn hang up their heels or show off their mới nhất kicks, as well as a fun organizer that keeps footwear safely out of the way. Pick the metal paint that appeals mập you – including copper, bronze, silver, more – and as soon as your industrial pipe shelving arrives, you’ll start racking up the phong cách points !

Open Pipe Shelving

Looking for a pipe shelving unit that’s more on the high-end phong cách spectrum ? Iirntree offers a mesmerizing Open Pipe Shelving unit lớn immediately uplift the trang chính or office. A positively perfect addition Khủng any room, this industrial pipe shelving creation is available in a wide variety of pipe colors and stain options so sánh you can tailor it béo your decor. Designed Khủng suspend from the ceiling, it combines sturdy piping frames and premium, lengthy wooden shelves lớn display your items with panache. Bedrooms and bathrooms will benefit from this industrial pipe shelving, perfect for everything from books and small boxes béo plants, trophies, and pictures. But the kitchen is where our Open Pipe Shelving can thrive, creating a fascinating storage area for plates, pots and pans, glasses, and mugs, while saving you valuable counter and cabinet space. Get one today and add a functional work of art mập your trang chủ !

Modern Pipe Shelves

Lend your space a magnificent contemporary touch with our versatile Modern Pipe Shelves. Totally movable yet sufficiently stable, this industrial pipe shelving unit is an ideal alternative bự bulky bookcases or large storage racks. Great for renters, bed and breakfasts, or even students, these industrial pipe shelf systems make fabulous full-height organizers for books, dry goods, or shoes and clothes. Appropriate additions Khủng any room in the trang chủ, this quartet of wide shelves supported with expertly painted pipe framing is easy bự assemble and even easier bự admire, especially when customized béo your liking !

Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

Need a huge amount of shelving, or in tìm kiếm of the ultimate organization for your trang chính, office, or retail space ? Then iirntree’s stunning Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit is the one for you ! Big, beautiful, and built bự dazzle, it lifts your items off the floor and provides enough shelf depth Khủng keep everything neat and easy lớn find. Grocery stores, book sellers, haberdasheries, and novelty stores will love the functionality and phong cách of our industrial pipe shelving, as well as physicians ’ offices and contractors. We’ll even customize this stunning unit mập your dimensions – just let us know your height requirements and màu sắc choices and our expert craftsmen will build the sản phẩm of your dreams .

Industrial Pipe Shelves With Desk

For the ultimate wow from our wide selection of shelving products, the Industrial Pipe Shelves With Desk delivers in a big way ! An industrial pipe bookshelf on top and a built-in desk on the bottom give you extra space for other furniture plus an abundance of phong cách. Ideal for a trang chính office or a child’s bedroom, this premium pipe shelving unit also works quite nicely in a den or a professional office setting. Sturdy piping holds the gorgeous wooden shelves in place, culminating in a desk space that features ample room Khủng read, write, and relax. Give us your height dimensions Khủng ensure it fits where you desire, and we’ll also customize it lớn your màu sắc specifications. Like all the spectacular shelving available here at, it’s designed with the customer in mind – because we pride ourselves on giving you the look you want and the unique you deserve .

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