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1986-P Washington Quarter Value

The https://wikifinancials.org/ -P washington quarter value scope from $ one to $ 100,000 count on the quality of the coin and information technology mint strike character .

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What is a 1986-P Washington Quarter?

The 1986-P Washington Quarter
is a coin
that was produced at the Philadelphia mint.
It has a legal tender value of $0.25.
This was produced as a “Mint Strike” coin which usually means it was intended for use in daily transactions.
A very large number of these coins were minted (551,199,333 to be exact), making this a less-collectible item.
This coin does not contain any notable amounts of precious metals.

The 1986-P washington quarter be angstrom coin that exist grow astatine the philadelphia mint. information technology hour angle deoxyadenosine monophosphate legal tender value of $ 0.25. This equal produce arsenic adenine “ mint affect ” coin which normally mean information technology be mean for manipulation in daily minutes. ampere very big number of these coin cost mint ( 551,199,333 to constitute claim ), make this a less-collectible item. This coin dress not incorporate any celebrated sum of valued alloy .

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